Multi-screen application of digital signage

Multi-screen application of digital signage


Digital signage has already appeared in our daily life for application, as a new media concept, in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and other public places where people gather.

Through the large-screen terminal display device, release product information, advertisements, etc. to obtain the effect of advertisements. The emergence of digital signage and displays has a large number of application scenarios in different scenarios.

1. Government and corporate buildings

LCD advertising player is used as a cultural publicity platform through its terminal display to broadcast the public information of the company, as well as related information such as corporate culture. Digital signage is very suitable for layout in the company's front desk or lobby. It not only occupies a small area, but also attracts customers who come and go.

2. Banking application scenarios

LCD signage can replace the previous LED electronic display screen and establish a multimedia information release system by installing liquid crystal display screens and playback terminals in major business halls through the proprietary network platform within the bank. LCD advertising screen can be used as a bank's information display platform to display the bank's public information. These include the display of exchange rates, the display of interest, the display of bank culture, and the display of various information advertisements.

3. Medical industry

Use LCD digital signage to replace the existing paper display methods such as roll-ups, directly display disease knowledge and health care publicity on digital signs, and carry out in different departments, such as the details that should be paid attention to in the daily life of patients with diabetes and heart disease describe. There are also relevant introductions of relevant doctors and experts, etc., and the relevant display information can be changed at any time, which is convenient and environmentally friendly.

There are still many application scenarios for LCD advertising kiosk, not only in all walks of life, but also in the functions of the application. The display of digital signage has brought new selling points to many retail industries, greatly promoting the sales rate.

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