Beloong Smart Screen The Almighty King In The Conference room

Beloong Smart Screen The Almighty King In The Conference room


If nothing else, just the fact that the projector cannot be connected to the computer is a headache, which seriously affects the company's business communication and collaboration.

These office "pain points" can be solved in one step on the Goodview smart board. You must know that this is a smart terminal product that integrates smart writing, one-click screen projection, smart whiteboard, and Interactive display. It fully supports Application in conference rooms, office open discussion areas, education and training and other scenarios.

interactive whiteboard

Among them, take its "wireless screen projection" function as an example, it adopts a new connection and display method, digital whiteboard gets rid of the complicated wiring of many devices, and a variety of mobile terminal devices can realize one-click wireless screen projection, and transmit the terminal content to the tablet. It can display the same large size, higher picture quality, higher sound quality and smoother display, and also has the functions of efficient interaction and reverse operation; it supports simultaneous screen projection of multiple devices, and it is clear at a glance when comparing plans and multi-departmental meetings.

digital board

Moreover, the smart writing board function that supports "two-way operation" is greatly admired by customers. When this function is enabled, the video conference initiator and the participants can edit and write a conference material together in different places, and the other party's modifications will also be displayed on their own screen in real time, which greatly improves the efficiency of team collaboration. Netizens shouted: buy it!

interactive panel

The intelligent change brought by the Interactive whiteboard also comes from the intelligent touch writing, which gets rid of the embarrassing situation of insufficient area of the ordinary whiteboard, cannot be wiped cleanly, and the whiteboard pen is out of ink or cannot be found, and adds writing, annotation, erasing, and email. Useful functions such as sending and QR code saving and sharing. The configuration is fully upgraded, which can easily handle various complex tasks and make meetings more efficient.

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