Functions and features of the conference panel

Functions and features of the conference panel


The interactive panel has the following application features:

1. The interactive whiteboard integrates a variety of equipment, such as projectors, computers, interactive whiteboards, audio, etc., and upgrades and updates the functions of all equipment to avoid the complexity of traditional conferences and various equipment. shortcoming.

digital whiteboard

2. The surface of the device adopts the technology of touch display screen, which solves many problems in white version writing. It can write with a stylus or finger, and carry out practical operations such as reducing, expanding, and moving; it can be carried out with the arm. Erase, change the size of the eraser tool according to the size of the total area touched by the arm; you can also change the font style at will, annotate and mark the top priorities anytime, anywhere; the layout can be infinitely improved, and you can write as you want.

The digital whiteboard is favored by large enterprises and customers for its unique versatility. The use of the conference panel reasonably replaces the commonly used projector at this stage, and has the following advantages:

interactive whiteboard

1. Higher chroma clarity

The conference panel has 4K screen display information like a TV. Even if there is strong light shining on the screen, people under the screen can clearly recognize the content on the screen and prevent radiation.

2. Easy to use, easy to maintain

The maintenance cost of the projector increases, and the light bulb will be worn out after a long time. To restore the original clarity, it must be replaced on time. That is to say, when the projector often encounters problems, it is also necessary to manually adjust the focal length of the lens, and the smart boards cannot find such a problem.

3. It is convenient to display

The projector is only used to show the audition, and the smart whiteboard can not only display, but also touch and write, and annotate anytime, anywhere.

interactive panel

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