How to change the content of a vertical advertising machine?

How to change the content of a vertical advertising machine?


Nowadays, many large supermarkets, hotels and other places will have vertical advertising machines. Friends who often go in and out of these places should be familiar with them! Some people may have these questions about vertical advertising machines: How to change the content of vertical advertising machines? How should they be used and maintained? Next, I will answer them for you.

How to change the content of a vertical advertising machine?

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1. Stand-alone version

When changing the screen of a stand-alone advertising machine, use a computer to copy the video to a USB flash drive or SD card, and then insert the USB flash drive or SD card into the advertising machine. This operation is actually the same as downloading content on a computer with a USB flash drive, which is simple and fast.

2. Network version

If there are many advertising machines and the coverage is wide, it is recommended to use the network version of the vertical advertising machine, because it is more convenient to change the screen uniformly. Because there are many advertising machines, if you use the stand-alone version to change the content, it will require a lot of manpower to pull out and insert the card. The network version is relatively convenient. You only need to download the content through the Internet on the network terminal, and then change and send it. All the content of the vertical advertising machines will be replaced at one time, which is efficient and convenient.

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