How to maintain outdoor advertising machines

How to maintain outdoor advertising machines


As a new type of media equipment, outdoor advertising machines are widely used in commercial advertising and information release. As people's demand for outdoor advertising continues to increase, the market demand for outdoor advertising machines is also growing. Therefore, for enterprises, how to maintain an excellent quality outdoor advertising machine and avoid economic losses caused by machine failure is a very important issue.

For an outdoor advertising machine, it needs to be installed in an appropriate location. For example, in squares, shopping malls, parks and other places with large flow of people. Doing so can not only make full use of the benefits of the advertising machine, but also extend the service life of the advertising machine. When installing, pay attention to choosing a fixed and stable bracket, and make a concrete foundation or fix it on the wall to prevent the advertising machine from shaking due to weather or human factors.

For the care and maintenance of advertising machines, regular cleaning and maintenance will be very necessary. During daily cleaning, care must be taken to avoid damage to the advertising machine caused by the use of chemicals, moisture penetration, etc. It is best to use clean water and neutral detergent for cleaning, especially for the display screen, use a special cleaning agent. In addition, it is necessary to regularly check whether the internal components of the advertising machine are working properly. If there is a fault, it needs to be replaced or repaired in time.

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