Introduction to the special features of interactive whiteboard software

Introduction to the special features of interactive whiteboard software


Introduction to the special features of interactive whiteboard software

As we all know, interactive whiteboards can communicate with computers, connect whiteboards to computers, and use projectors to project computer content onto whiteboard screens. With the support of specialized applications, a large-screen, interactive collaborative meeting or teaching environment can be constructed. So what are the special features of interactive whiteboard software?

1. Intelligent recognition of mixed Chinese and English

Full-screen intelligent recognition of mixed Chinese, English and digital writing. The recognized printed text can be deleted by drawing a line on the content to be deleted through gestures. .

2. Intelligent formula recognition

Supports intelligent formula recognition: formulas include mathematical formulas, chemical formulas, etc., and demonstrate mathematical formulas: such as δ(x)=a2+b2, etc., and demonstrate chemical formulas: H2+O2→H2O.

3. Intelligent graphic recognition

Supports intelligent graphic recognition, and can draw any regular and irregular two-dimensional graphics, and demonstrate teaching: such as random pentagons.

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4. Gesture erasing

The interactive electronic whiteboard software supports multiple people writing and erasing at the same time without affecting each other; any part of any object, such as handwriting, pictures, or graphics, can be erased, completely simulating a physical eraser; when the hardware supports area recognition, it supports gesture erasing with the palm or back of the hand; when the hardware does not support area recognition, gesture erasing is initiated when the five fingers of the palm touch.

5. Menu Features

The toolbar can be moved at will, and can be changed to horizontal or vertical when moved to a certain position; the toolbar can be shrunk into a button in any state, and can be expanded at any time when needed; the icons on the menu are displayed dynamically, clearly showing the current selected state, such as: when the subject mode is switched to mathematics, the subject mode of the main menu shows that it is currently in mathematics mode, the currently selected pen type is also displayed on the menu, and the thickness and color of the currently selected pen are also displayed normally in the menu, giving users clear prompts

6. Gesture operation

Support gesture zooming and rotation functions for pictures, audio and video, and graphic objects; during video playback, gesture operations are supported (one finger single click: display or hide the operation bar, exit full screen in full screen state; one finger double click: full screen play; two fingers click: pause, continue play; one finger presses and another finger clicks: screenshot; two fingers slide at the same time: zoom in or out the play area)

7. Resource Usage

The interactive electronic whiteboard software resources have multiple channels. You can quickly add resources to the whiteboard through the local material library. The local material library is classified by subject, which is convenient for teachers to use. You can also add local resources to the whiteboard from my computer. At the same time, you can click on the cloud resources to find the required resources in the cloud. Cloud resources can be filtered by grade, subject, version, chapter, and can also be filtered by knowledge point classification; you can also directly call the required experiments from local experiments or cloud experiments. Experimental resources include biology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Each subject experiment is synchronized to the grade volume.

8. File operation

It can import and export various files required for teaching; PPT files can be opened in picture mode, play mode, and parsing mode and then edited; various files have annotation functions; whiteboard pages for teachers and students to interact in classroom teaching can be saved in time to enrich teaching materials.

9. Physical exhibition stand

The interactive electronic whiteboard software can enlarge the physical objects that teachers need to show to students, which is convenient for teaching needs. The pictures taken by the exhibition stand can be modified, annotated, saved, and edited on the whiteboard at will, which can easily convert traditional teaching resources into digital resources, enrich teaching materials, and facilitate the storage, transmission and sharing of high-quality teaching resources.

10. Erase function

The interactive electronic whiteboard software has four erase functions for users to choose from according to their different needs, which is better than other software on the market.

Erase at will Erase any writing or object at will, that is, you can erase wherever the eraser reaches.

Fully simulate the physical eraser. For example, if you insert a picture, you can erase part of the picture. Use the geometry tool to draw a triangle.

You can erase any corner. Erase at any area. Erase any object and content in the selected area.

Erase all. Delete all the content on the page.

11. Graphics

27 commonly used two-dimensional graphics are provided for direct selection, and arbitrary polygons and triangles can be drawn, including solid and hollow; 9 three-dimensional graphics; the color of the graphics and the thickness of the lines can be changed arbitrarily, and the graphics can be filled with any color

12. Subject mode

After switching to subject mode, all places related to the subject will default to the content of the subject, such as background theme selection, materials in the material library, laboratories, and subject tools, which makes it convenient for teachers to quickly find the required resources

The above are the twelve major functions of the interactive electronic whiteboard software, which are all very practical. If you are familiar with them, it will play a great auxiliary role in your teaching. Give full play to your interesting teaching method and let students fall in love with your teaching method. Start by understanding the functions of the interactive electronic whiteboard software.

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