Overall advantages of interactive whiteboard

Overall advantages of interactive whiteboard


Overall advantages of interactive whiteboard

double system

Intelligent integration "multi-machine in one".

It subversively and creatively integrates the functions of projectors, electronic whiteboards, advertising machines, computers, TVs, audio and other conference and office equipment into one terminal device, fully realizing "one machine with multiple functions", saying goodbye to tediousness, and allowing Meeting applications are smarter and more convenient.

In actual use, interactive whiteboard more unnecessary "programs" can also be eliminated for meetings, saving more meeting time. When you want to hold a meeting, you don’t have to scramble to debug the equipment. You can start the meeting tablet with one button, and you can start an efficient meeting.

Collaboration across regions

In the process of business office, cross-regional communication is the norm. Through the smart interactive whiteboard, the cost of the conference can be controlled more effectively, and the travel and accommodation expenses of the participants can be reduced. It can directly carry out video conference communication online, and the conference tablet also supports face-to-face collaboration, supports audio, video, and screen three-dimensional cloud collaboration, and can start brainstorming anytime and anywhere, so that office and meetings are no longer restricted by the venue, and truly realize multi-site multi-party synergy.

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