Several application places of elevator LCD advertising machine

Several application places of elevator LCD advertising machine


Several application places of elevator LCD advertising machine

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1. Elevator:

When we take the elevator, we often see advertisements in the elevator. There are often advertising machines in the larger elevators. Advertising machines often appear in office buildings or company elevators, and the size is usually between 40 and 50 inches. Most of the target groups of elevator advertising machines are office white-collar workers. Due to the dense crowd and high mobility in the elevator, the effect of looping advertisements is excellent.

2. shopping mall buildings

In terms of geography, shopping malls are relatively limited in space, and they are generally aimed at the surrounding business districts, so the advertisements placed are, inexplicably, aimed at nearby consumers. Therefore, an advertising machine is installed in the elevator of the mall to promote the brand of the merchant, as well as event promotion, promotional activities, etc. Consumers who come to the shopping mall must have purchasing power and purchasing needs. At this time, when they are waiting for the elevator or taking the elevator, they can see the advertisement of the merchant on the advertising machine on the wall, actively input advertising information to consumers, and subconsciously guide consumption.

3. Residential area

Nowadays, elevators in many residential areas are equipped with LCD advertising machines. The group characteristics of residential areas pay more attention to home furnishing, daily life, children's education, and the health of the elderly. Advertisements such as household items, surrounding supermarket activities, children's education, elderly health, etc., are placed on precise target customer groups to tap potential consumer awareness and strengthen brand effects.

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