The application and intelligent development trend of digital signage

The application and intelligent development trend of digital signage


After several years of development, digital signage has gradually embarked on the road of professional development, and gradually formed a market situation dominated by professional suppliers of display equipment, players, system software, and supporting services. With the intensification of market competition and the improvement of customer demand, the function of digital signage has gradually developed from the initial notification to the intelligent direction of interaction.

digital signage and display

In the future, intelligently applied digital signage products can also collect personalized information such as customer behavior and even identity through built-in intelligent technology, and make intelligent demonstration content adjustments, so as to provide them with customized personalized product information. Help increase sales. In shopping malls, intelligent digital signage can judge customer needs through intelligent analysis technologies such as face recognition and voice recognition, and give the most accurate advertising push, which greatly improves the probability of advertising monetization.

Floor-standing LCD advertising player

According to a survey of 1,200 digital enterprises conducted by the American Digital Signage Association in 2009, 20% of users indicated that their annual investment in digital signage and outdoor digital media reached 200,000 to 1 million US dollars, and their cumulative investment in digital signage The investment has reached 48 million to 240 million US dollars. Relevant experts also predict that the digital signage industry will show greater development in the future, and the annual market value will even increase by more than 1.2 billion US dollars. In the next few years, digital signage will not only make the occupied industries more popular, but also attack the education industry, exhibition industry, etc., and will penetrate into various industries, and the prospects are very promising.

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