Various installation methods of high-definition outdoor advertising machine

Various installation methods of high-definition outdoor advertising machine


Due to the environmental factors of outdoor applications, the enclosure of the high-definition outdoor advertising machine needs to have an outdoor protection level of IP65, waterproof, dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, and also needs to meet the heat dissipation function to ensure the machine runs 24 hours a day. The outdoor environment not only has high requirements on the quality of the LCD display, but also affects the installation of the LCD display, and the installation method will be different due to different outdoor places. So what are the installation methods of the high-definition outdoor advertising machine? In short, the LCD display of the high-definition outdoor advertising machine is mainly divided into the following installation methods: wall-mounted, embedded, front maintenance, step-type, column-type, etc.

1. Hanging type: Wall-mounted type generally makes a force point on the wall, hangs the outdoor LCD display on the wall, and uses the wall as a fixed support.

2. Embedded installation: Generally, the steel structure is installed on the wall, and then the LCD display of the high-definition outdoor advertising machine is embedded with the steel structure as the support. The main installation place is the outer wall of the building.

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3. Maintenance type: The biggest feature of the installation method is maintenance. It is very convenient to replace accessories. Maintenance personnel can directly open the screen from the front of the outdoor LCD display to operate.

4. Step type: It is mainly to install a two-color LCD display or a full color LCD display on the facade of the steps, and the observation distance is generally 2-3 meters away, which will have better results. All the stair facades are connected, and when the video screen is played, a very beautiful display effect will be presented.

5. Column type:Since there is no wall or available support points around, the installation method of column type outdoor LCD display has higher requirements on steel structure and is the most common installation method. For example, most of the outdoor advertising LCD screens next to the highway are installed in the column type. The display screen is hung on the structure, and is generally used when there is no wall support on the stage or outdoors. In the case of temporarily using the outdoor LCD display, the hoisting method has obvious advantages.

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