Vertical advertising machine application scenarios

Vertical advertising machine application scenarios


Vertical advertising machine application scenarios

The concept term "floor-standing" literally describes its shape. The so-called vertical type refers to the form in which it is placed on the ground and stood up. The industry understands it as floor-standing advertising machines, vertical advertising machines and other concepts. It can be horizontal or horizontal. Screen-standing and vertical design appearance.

The upright advertising machine gives us a new advertising space. We can customize the advertising machine and transform it from a traditional flat form into a three-dimensional and interactive form. The resulting touch all-in-one machines, online advertising machines, outdoor advertising machines and mirror advertising machines are in various forms to meet the different needs of customers.

Vertical advertising machine

It can display text, graphics, animation, etc. independently, and can also play images of different proportions at the same time. You can also control the content of each display separately. You can scroll up and down. You can scroll left and right. You can superimpose text information on the TV image, or you can Superimpose text, pictures, animations, etc. outside the video image.

There will be a large LCD advertising machine at the entrance and elevator entrance of an ordinary high-speed rail station. How can there be less advertising in a place with a large passenger flow like a high-speed rail station? LCD advertising machines of different sizes will all be installed in view of the fact that passengers need to wait in line. At the entrance of the station, this can fully realize the advertising effect.

Floor-standing advertising machines are different from newspapers, magazines, radio, television and other media. They have a wide range of applications and remarkable effects. Mainly used in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, hotels, cinemas and other public places.

touch all-in-one machines

Characteristics of floor-standing advertising machines

1. Host computer control: Connect to one or more host computers on the LAN, and you can send commands at any time to control one or more advertising machines respectively.

2. Automatic download and playback: The advertising machine can arbitrarily download various advertising clips from the host computer according to the preset "task list" and automatically play them after the download is completed.

3. Scheduled downloading and scheduled playback: The advertising machine sleeps, starts up, schedules downloading time, and automatically runs parameters according to the scheduled settings, such as playback time.

4. Scroll notification display: Horizontal scrolling text characters can be displayed at the bottom of the screen to facilitate various occasions that require text notifications. Display content can be updated at any time via the main PC.

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