What is a smart classroom?

What is a smart classroom?


Smart whiteboard is a new form of education. In short, it is classroom teaching and learning behavior through advanced smarter teaching mode. interactive board is different from traditional teaching and listening methods; students preview in advance before class, study group discussions during class, and test at any time; teachers can quickly grasp the learning situation of each student and provide targeted guidance. Smart board are Interactive, perceptual, and open:


smart board

1. Interactive board is reflected in the interaction between teachers and students, students and students, hardware and software, teachers and hardware, teachers and resources, teachers and software, students and hardware, students and software, and students and resources in the classroom.


Interactive board

2. Perception can be understood from two levels of physical perception and Virtual space perception. Physical perception is based on hardware devices of the Internet of Things, which can sense the humidity, temperature, brightness, air conditions, etc. of the classroom; while Virtual perception is based on big data analysis technology Collect teachers and students' teaching situation, learning situation and even life emotional changes, and then analyze and perceive.


3. Openness means that basic software and hardware and other digital whiteboard and related interfaces are open, and can be interconnected based on different systems, such as the system-level connection between the recording and broadcasting system and the Smart boards.


Digital whiteboard

It should be noted that some people believe that Smarter Classrooms and Smarter Classroom should be the same concept, which means that Smarter Classroom are not understood as physical classrooms, but as a form of education. Our Educational Interactive Board is just the advanced equipment for Smart board Classrooms.

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