Several differences between LCD outdoor and indoor advertising machines (1)

Several differences between LCD outdoor and indoor advertising machines (1)


Now in order to adapt to different scenarios or different application environments, there are many customized types of Advertising Machines. Originally, there are many types of Advertising Machines, such as embedded, wall-mounted, and vertical. But it is also divided into Outdoor and Indoor. With its powerful functions, stylish appearance and simple operation, the Outdoor LCD Advertising Machine attracts many users' attention to its value and is widely used in various industries. But many customers still can't tell the difference when they use it, and they don't know the difference between the Outdoor LCD Advertising Machine and the Indoor Advertising Machine.


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There is indeed a big difference between Outdoor and Indoor Displays in terms of structure and use environment. Outdoor LCD Advertising Machines are used in outdoor environments with changing environments and direct sunlight. Affected by the climate, the complexity of the internal structural accessories of Outdoor Displays is higher than that of ordinary Indoor Displays. Due to the heat generated by the high-brightness LCD Screen itself and the sun, it is easy to cause a black screen on the outdoor advertising machine. 

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Therefore, let`s continue to talk about this topic in next article.

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