Several differences between LCD outdoor and indoor advertising machines(2)

Several differences between LCD outdoor and indoor advertising machines(2)


Therefore, the heat dissipation of the High-Brightness Screen is very important. The Outdoor LCD Advertising Machine must also meet the functions of dustproof, waterproof, anti-theft, and anti-corrosion. Indoor Advertising Machines are mainly used in indoor environments such as supermarkets, movie theaters, and subways. The scene where it is located is relatively stable, as long as it can satisfy functions such as display and playback.


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The frequency of use of the two is different. Because the Indoor Advertising Machine is mainly used in supermarkets, movie theaters, and companies, it will shut down and stop working when the staff get off work. The applicable time is short and the frequency is not high. The Outdoor LCD Advertising Machine needs to promote the content no matter day or night, and it operates 24 hours a day. The difference between Indoor Advertising Machine and Outdoor LCD Advertising Machine is shared here. According to the demand, if the advertisement needs to be used in indoor places such as elevators, shops, exhibition halls, conference rooms, etc., you can choose an Indoor Advertising Display; if you expect the advertisement to be seen by people in public environments such as bus stations and community squares, you can choose an Outdoor LCD Totem. There is still a big difference between Outdoor and Indoor Advertising Machines.

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